Back to School & Staying Healthy

Back to School & Staying Healthy

Almost all of us know someone who has had a respiratory bug or is suffering from an autoimmune problem. With school starting soon, children and adults will be exposed to many germs.

The symptoms range from chills and fever to head and body aches, cough that does not seem to end, sore throats and laryngitis.Since one in 5 people suffer from an autoimmune condition, then sickness may be felt throughout the year and a flu may just amplify your symptoms. Whether you are in grade school, high school or college you may be around more people in the near future who are ill or are carrying a virus, so why start the school year off with illness?

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services for the past year there were over 35,000 cases of the flu for 2017-2018 reported in 3 counties. The numbers can usually be larger as many people do not report they are sick. Whether you are a winter visitor or a student starting school this August, let us start preparing the immune system so you may avoid being sick.

Statistically flu shots have provided minimal relief from the flu in the last several years. It turns out that in 2016 to 2017 influenza vaccine had “no clear effect” in people between the ages of 18 and 49, the same results were reported for the elderly. In fact, the senior population had the highest influenza-related hospitalizations since 2014-2015. Among children, the effectiveness was about 60%.

An adjuvanted vaccine for seniors over the age of 65 was designed to hyper-stimulate a strong inflammatory response to try and strengthen artificial vaccine acquired immunity. Our immune systems are not designed to be hyper-stimulated according to an article published in pub med , as this may cause an autoimmune condition. Instead of waiting until you are sick this year let us look at what we can do for prevention.

First, make sure you are getting enough rest, water, exercise and sun as these are the basics of good health.

Acupuncture today had an article stating how effective acupuncture is for improving immune function and reducing the effects of a cold or flu. According to, studies show that this form of treatment helps patients by elevating immune-enhancing hormones and blood count up to three days after treatment.

Chiropractic care stimulates nerves directly affecting the growth and function of inflammatory cells. … In fact, disease-fighting white blood cells increase significantly within minutes of a chiropractic adjustment.

Last, proper diet and good nutrients help strengthen the immune system which may prevent a flu or autoimmune reaction from beginning in the first place. One such nutrient is colostrum that is dairy free. Colostrum is provided through breast milk and gives the body passive immunity, that means your body make its own antibodies against things like flu’s and other diseases. Colostrum contains IgA antibodies that provide protection against disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Do not delay implementing the above suggestions. Once a flu virus infects too many cells, it replicates out of control and strategies like zinc lozenges will not be effective. Treatment must be initiated as soon as symptoms manifest and even better prior to having symptoms in the first place. Get regular chiropractic care, acupuncture and be on supplements that support your immune system to have a productive and sick-free year.

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