Dr Abram's 25th Anniversary in Practice - A Message to My Patients

Dr Abram’s 25th Anniversary in Practice – A Message to My Patients

Thank You for 25 Years!

Dr Abram’s 25th Anniversary in Practice – A Message to My Patients

Being in practice for 25 years has gone by fast. When I was thinking about why I got into the medical field, I realized that I was trying to find answers to my own chronic health problems. I grew up with asthma, allergies, eczema, boils, severe fatigue, and other problems. For years I did traditional western medical care. I had allergy shots, took asthma medications and steroids, used topical creams all in hopes that I would not suffer so much. Most of all, I simply wanted to play outside like all of the other children without having an asthma attack, if I joined my friends I would typically go to the hospital for a breathing treatment.

Around 15 years old I started looking for answers to my health problems. I did cleanses, strengthened my adrenals, went on restricted food plans and more. Finding non-force chiropractic, acupuncture, and the correct types of nutritional and herbal supplements helped me, so I no longer have asthma, rarely have allergies and never suffer with eczema. I think what surprised me the most were the foods that affected my health and triggered my allergies, eczema, and asthma. I found much later that I had a condition called leaky gut and after working on fixing the leaks, my body felt much better.

Learning how to help myself with chronic health problems, motivated me to help others with their health problems. The digestive & respiratory systems along with our skin are three systems that communicate with the outside world and the inside of our body. Because many of the allergies are started from either the environment, such as pollen or food such as gluten, it becomes very difficult to avoid all of the allergens.

At Aaaah…Wellness, I have treatments that help with the healing process of the digestive and pulmonary systems using nutrition and other forms of natural methods. To celebrate 25 years in practice, please accept a gift of 25% off your acupuncture treatment. Bring in another person as a patient and receive an additional 25% off of your acupuncture along with that person also getting 25% off their acupuncture treatment.

We are hosting the product of the month called GI Revive. This product not only helps your body absorb nutrients better, but it also prevents toxins, microbes and allergens from gaining access to the blood. If you prevent them from entering your blood, the idea is that your lungs and digestive system do not have to deal with the allergens, you won’t create excess phlegm and your breathing and allergies all get better. We are offering GI Revive for this month only with a limit of (3) per person at a special price of $65.80!

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