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What “Wellness” Means in 2019

What will be different for this year? The top three reported resolutions are losing weight, exercising more and getting better sleep (Nielsen Analytics Firm). With only 14% of the people over 50 achieving their resolutions, how can you make your resolutions a reality this year?

Plan time for what you want to achieve and schedule that time into your calendar.

1. Make a game plan! A game plan will help you learn how you will achieve those goals.
a. A goal without a plan is just a dream!

2. Make a commitment to yourself, remember why you are doing your resolution(s). Ask yourself what kind of person you want to be in order to achieve the resolution. If your goal is to run one mile every day, then make a mental checklist of incidents that can happen to distract or set you off course.
a. “I am the type of person who will run a mile, even if I have to get up at 4:00 AM the next day.”
b. “I am the type of person who will run a mile, even on holidays when I am traveling.”

3. Tell others around you of the resolutions you made so that they can help remind you and hold you accountable.
This could be your spouse, coworker, gym partner, etc. Someone who wants you to succeed and you won’t want to let down.

4. Make a deal with yourself that if you do not complete your resolution, you will make a punishment.
a. If you miss your resolution(s) game plan, you have to clean someone’s bathroom every day for a month.
b. Tell the person you have to do the work for or with so they can hold you to the consequences.

What does wellness mean? As defined by World Health Organization (WHO), it is a “State of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Many of us wait until we have pain, illness or disease before doing anything about our health. A new paradigm is arising where we are looking at how to prevent disease and pain before it starts. The paradigm is using genetics, lab tests, technology and lifestyle management. Lifestyle management is a comprehensive approach that helps a person sleep better, have less affects of stress, weight management, dietary and exercise habits. This means you have better physical, mental, and social performance indicating you are well.

In 2019 we will be offering health coaching by offering innovative individualized programs with cutting edge information from experts in the genetic coaching fields from prestigious universities such as Stanford and MIT. Our programs will be solution based to enhance your enjoyment, life, and performance.

Take advantage of a free wellness consult in 2019 to learn about the options you have to increase your wellness. The next newsletter will have more information about genetics and be called, “Fitting into Your Genes”.

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