New Year Resolution

Staying On Your Path

This is Stephanie Abrams, Dr. Abrams wife. We have decided to change up the way we are doing newsletters to give all of you even more information to help your lives, in hopes of people finding greater success in achieving greater health and happiness and ultimate wellness.

This means that Dr. Abrams will write a newsletter once a month, I will write one and so will one of our staff members a third time during the month. We will all write from different angles about things that we are more passionate about.

I have a greater affinity for mental health studies and healthy cooking so I look forward to more things along those lines from me. My undergrad has an emphasis in Energy Healing Work, but my work history is in Mental Health hospitals and on a Suicide Hotline in Phoenix. I grew up cooking all kinds of things with my mother, as the oldest girl I helped a lot in the kitchen. As the years have gone on cooking has changed for me. I have struggled with some health issues of a genetic origin and I have found that the foods I eat and the way I prepare them have significantly changed my symptoms. I hope to share many of the wonderful things I’ve learned that allow healthy foods to taste good. This year I plan to focus on preparing meals that will help with weight loss as well. You will be able to follow some of these on Facebook and Instagram, not just in my newsletters.

This is the time of year where we have set goals for the new year…resolutions, and we have let some of those resolutions fall through various cracks that have come up on our path. This can be quite discouraging. It can be the reason we quit working toward our goals, because we “failed”. When, in reality, we have simply fallen off the path. As the quote above says what’s most important that we do not stop.

I love this message because of past experience. When I worked the suicide hotline we found that the holidays were an extremely difficult time, but a few weeks after new years resolutions were just as bad. People set up high expectations for themselves and then when they do not achieve them they are critical of themselves. My favorite saying to most of these people involved walking and how all we need to do is be like a baby.

All of us have known someone with a child who is learning to walk, this usually is between the ages of 9 months and 15 months. Let’s note first that babies do not come out of the womb walking. They initially are completely dependant on someone else. Maybe this is where you fit – you need to be dependent on someone else to help you achieve your goals. Next these babies crawl, but even standing they cannot do alone,  they may not need a person any more to help them, but they hold to furniture and other things that provide them support. If you fit in this niche and you haven’t quite fallen into a crack, ask yourself what you need to help you to achieve your goals. What can be your support, what do you need? Provide that for yourself the same way the baby holds to the side of the couch so it can stand.

This next phase is my favorite, babies learn to walk.  However, they don’t just stand up and simply walk from one side of the room to the other. They fall, and they fall, and they fall again.  However, they get back up. Most interestingly, they rarely cry. They simply get up and work at it some more. Let’s take this even further. We just need to be like babies learning to walk.  We fall, we get back up. If we have fallen through a crack and let a resolution go, it is just a matter of re-committing and working at it again.

I’m going to take the baby walk a step further.  Maybe we think we aren’t babies anymore. And, we are not. We are older, wiser, and have had more life experience.  For some of us, extra weight or painful joints (or crappy life experiences) make it hard to get back up. A couple of years ago I fell (on the stairs at the old office) and broke an ankle. I could not walk at first. I could not even make it to the restroom alone. My kids brought a chair with wheels to my room so I could roll to the bathroom. I needed help from others and things I could hold onto. Sadly 8 weeks went by and I still had a broken ankle, because I didn’t know it was broken so I kept walking on it (my first x-ray was negative). It wasn’t until I took some time to re-assess and plan recovery that I was able to recover and walk again without a broken ankle. Just last week I fell again and damaged my knee pretty bad. I am in my 40’s and I still fall, but I GET BACK UP! It’s the same thing with our resolutions.  It simply is a matter of getting back up and trying again. I have walked slower the last week (and a little limpy too), but I still try. Because, as confucius says…”It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop!”

So, let’s all be like babies and get up and try again. Recommit, re-evaluate if you need to. If your goals included weight loss remember we have tools that can help you. Dr. Abrams, can see if there is something in your blood that is making it difficult to lose weight. Maybe you need an exercise regimen and Dr. Michone can help you. Maybe you need some nutritional counseling or some protein shakes or the help of the weight loss laser.  We can help as your support with any of those things. If you have other resolutions, seek the supports you need to be successful and to understand you will fall again, and then get back up and keep moving along the path!

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