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Auto Accident Injury Mesa Arizona


Many painful injuries can occur following an auto accident. One common injury is whiplash, which happens when the body is suddenly forced in a forward and backward motion during an auto accident. Accidents involving a car, motorcycle, go kart and even golf cart, can cause whiplash.

The speed in which a car was traveling before the accident, plays an important factor in the severity of the injury. If the car was traveling at a fast speed, the amount of pressure absorbed by the neck will be greater. Even a speed as low as 15 mph can cause whiplash.

Causes of Whiplash and Neck Pain

When whiplash occurs by the sudden jolt and backward then forward motion of a person’s head, the muscles in the neck are overstretched in order to absorb the majority of the pressure. Days to weeks after an auto accident, the abnormal motion and trauma of the head creates pressure on the muscles and tissue making it painful and difficult to move. Usually, these types of injuries are treated with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications; however, there are ways to treat the pain caused from the injuries without medication or surgery.

How Can We Help with Your Auto Accident Injury?

To help a patient who is suffering from whiplash and neck pain after an auto accident, our Mesa Chiropractor will perform a physical examination and closely examine MRI scans and X-rays to assess the damage. In order for the doctor to measure the pain the patient is experiencing, the patient will need to effectively communicate with them about the pain they have.

Our doctor will assess the pain the patient is having to determine whether it is constant or intermittent. They will also assess what type of pain is occurring such as (burning, stabbing etc.), what is triggering the pain, what time of the day the pain is most likely to occur and the severity of the pain on a 1-10 scale. Our doctor will also, inquire about the patients medication history and any treatments the patient has gone through recently.

Keeping a journal recording of the pain a patient experiences is also a good way to understand the patterns and conditions that occur. The journal entries will help our Mesa Chiropractor have a better understanding of which treatment will be most effective for that patient.

Whiplash doesn’t have to interfere in your every day life! Make an appointment with our Auto Accident Injury Mesa Chiropractor to see which treatment option is best for you and start feeling better!


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