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Chiropractic Care


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When it comes to taking care of patients, some Doctors follow a more traditional approach, where the focus centers on finding and eradicating the disease. In contrast, Mesa chiropractors use functional medicine, a newer approach, that seeks to view patients not as a collection of symptoms, but as a whole person who should be considered in entirety. Our experienced Mesa chiropractors at Aaaah…Wellness are devoted to helping each patient achieve total body wellness and we are standing by to assist you with chiropractic care integrated with functional medicine.

What Is Functional Medicine?
Our Mesa chiropractor will explain that functional medicine is more of a holistic approach, avoiding looking at a patient just in terms of symptoms that have presented themselves. Typically, you will find functional medical practitioners spending more time with patients than those that follow a conventional medical approach.

Our doctors take their time, listening to patients as they detail their medical history. Physicians will function like partners with their patients in setting up a treatment plan, as they figure out the best way to combine chiropractic care with functional medicine. You can regard functional medicine in combination with chiropractic care as adopting a holistic approach.

What Does Functional Medicine Help Treat?
Medical science is more than lab work. To achieve total body wellness, chiropractic adjustments are typically required. Your Mesa chiropractor uses chiropractic technique with functional medicine because of the greater health benefits.

It treats chronic fatigue, chronic muscle pain, and other maladies. Above all, you can say that functional medicine helps treat the entire patient in terms of body, emotions and spiritual contentment.

What Are the Benefits of Using Functional Medicine With Chiropractic Care?
Relying only on chiropractic care and the results of rudimentary lab work when more traditional forms of functional medicine are so readily available would be doing yourself a disservice. Practitioners of this form of total body wellness note that benefits include:

  • The doctor gets a better sense of the total patient by having a detailed conversation before the physical examination.
  • Since functional medicine with chiropractic service is also designed to prevent disease, this cost-effectiveness is a major benefit.
  • You’ll feel more connected with your chiropractor since discussion of your current emotional state is an important component of getting well under functional medicine.

Make an Appointment with our Chiropractor in Mesa, Where Chiropractic Care Combines with Functional Medicine

If the principles of functional medicine in combination with chiropractic care resonate with you, it would be a good idea to come to our facility for a consultation and therapeutic session. To learn more about how we integrate functional medicine with chiropractic care, or to set up a consult with your preferred Mesa chiropractor, give Aaaah…Wellness a call today.

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