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Nutritional Counseling


Did you know that what (and how much) you eat can have a major impact, not just on your waistline, but also on your physical function, comfort, and well-being? Here at Aaaah…Wellness, “eating for health” is more than just a saying with Mesa Nutritional Counseling. Our Mesa chiropractors offer Mesa Nutritional Counseling that can help you change your entire relationship with food so you can achieve and maintain a healthier life, one bite at a time.

The Value of Nutrition vs. Dieting
Some people equate nutrition with diet, but these terms are actually describing different things. Nutrition involves providing the body with the specific raw materials (nutrients) it needs to sustain its countless daily functions; diet refers to the daily selection of foods you consume, regardless of whether those foods contain the necessary nutrients for health. Good nutrition can have profound benefits on your wellness, including:

  • Lower risk of many dangerous systemic conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and even cancer
  • Healthier blood cholesterol numbers
  • Optimal immune function for better disease resistance
  • Easier, more complete recovery from injuries
  • Reduced inflammation for chronic pain management

Proper nutrition requires a healthy diet. You can eat for health by choosing antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains over a diet of fatty, highly-processed foods. These food choices also help fight or prevent obesity — a major factor in many systemic diseases as well as premature joint wear and joint pain. While starvation diets and other dangerous fad diets may shed pounds, they won’t give your body what it needs to be healthy. They’re also not sustainable, meaning that the weight will simply go back on again.

Guidance and Supplementation at Aaaah…Wellness
Aaaah…Wellness can give you a sensible diet and nutrition plan you (and your body) can easily live with for life. Our Mesa chiropractor will evaluate your individual health condition, weight, and current lifestyle to determine exactly what changes you need to make. We will educate you on how to swap out unhealthy food choices with healthy ones, as well as how to consume healthy portions. You’ll learn how to integrate your new eating habits with other wellness essentials such as exercise and lifestyle adjustments to give your health a welcome boost. We can even prescribe supplements to help you get critical nutrients that are hard to derive in sufficient quantities from everyday food options.


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Eating right means living well, and you owe yourself the best quality of life possible. Contact our Mesa chiropractors at 480-396-4400 to schedule a consultation and get the nutritional counseling you need!

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