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Weight Loss


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Zerona Fat Loss Laser – Medically Supervised Weight Loss with our Mesa Chiropractor/ Weight Loss Doctor
These days it seems as if practically everyone is seeing Mesa Weight Loss Doctors and trying to lose weight — and for good reason. Excess weight and obesity can pose genuine threats to your health and wellness, but so can fad diets and other unwise weight loss techniques. That’s why you should bring your weight loss dilemma to Aaaah…Wellness, here our Mesa chiropractor can provide medically-supervised weight loss counseling and programs for a slimmer, healthier life.

Losing Excess Weight Can Improve Your Health, if You Do it Right
Obesity is a serious health epidemic in the U.S., contributing to some 300,000 early deaths each year. Increasingly sedentary lifestyle habits, coupled with the easy availability of fast foods and highly-processed “convenience” foods in stores, have made it easier than ever to pack on too many pounds. The potentially tragic consequences may include heightened risks of:

  • Arthritis and premature wear in weight-bearing joints
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart and cardiovascular disease
  • Kidney, liver, and pancreatic failure
  • Several kinds of cancer
  • Sleep apnea

While losing weight can greatly improve your health, there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it. Fad diets may cause significant and rapid weight loss (much of it in water loss) while also depriving your body of the nutrition and calories it needs, making your health worse instead of better. To add insult to injury, as soon as you end the fad diet your weight goes right back up again.

Weight Loss Counseling and Programs From Our Mesa Chiropractor
Come to Aaaah…Wellness for weight loss done right. Our Mesa chiropractor/ Weight Loss Doctor will start with a detailed evaluation of your current weight and baseline health. We will discuss your weight loss goals and then come up with a solid plan to achieve them. You’ll learn how to take advantage of new eating habits, integrating that new way of eating into a healthy daily routine that may also include exercise, stress reduction, nutritional supplementation, and other wellness essentials.

If you’re still troubled by some pockets of stubborn fat despite your new and improved lifestyle, we can even provide Zerona Fat Loss Laser treatment to sculpt those “rough edges” away. The Zerona fat loss laser is a non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction. The energy of the laser triggers fat cells to loosen their hold on internal fat stores, allowing the fat to be eliminated naturally.


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Don’t let excess weight place you under a dangerous and uncomfortable burden. Call 480-396-4400 to request a weight loss consultation with our chiropractor in Mesa, AZ. We can help you shed unhealthy pounds while embracing a healthier way of life!

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