Liquid Zeolite 30 ml




Ultra Liquid Zeolite is a natural chelation and detoxifier liquid dietary supplement. Liquid Zeolite with DHQ (Dihydroquercetin) helps remove different types of heavy metals and toxins from within the body while supporting a healthy immune system and working to balance pH levels.

  • Natural Chelation & Detoxifier
  • Helps Remove Heavy Metals & Toxins
  • pH Balancing for Optimal Alkaline Body Environment
  • Binds Heavy Metals & Moves Them Out of the Body
  • Contains Antioxidant Dihydroquercetin (DHQ)
  • Natural Zeolite, Pure & Cleansed

Suggested Use: Take 13 drops 1-3 times daily in glass of spring or filtered water.  Shake well before use.