What is the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Technique?

The Atlas Orthogonal Technique is performed by Board Certified Doctors at our clinic who identify and treat the Atlas (C1 – the first level of your spine – your neck) and focus on this level of the spine to bring a balance/square angle (Orthogonal).

The reason for this is that over 30% of the information your body needs to optimally function (balance, move, lift, walk, site, etc.) come from the head and neck. Any kind of imbalance or alignment issue (subluxation) stemming from the neck/head can impact the body as a whole. When this imbalance is present, the entire spine tried to correct itself resulting in more imbalance which can cause back pain, weakness, balance issues and more.

With this being such a sensitive area, our Board Certified Doctors can adjust this with ZERO cracking or popping in the neck. This non-force and gentle adjustment is safe and preferred by many patients of all ages and demographics.